venerdì 11 maggio 2012

What a wonderful woman…

hi everyone…
yesterday I had my big day… I did the exam in bakery and pastry making… in 8 hours I had to do a written test, make 2 different kind of bread and a cake, do an interview and finally assemble a presentation of everything for the test panel in which every commissary tested if it was good enough…and luckily it was!!!!
so now I’m officially a baker!!!!
I love the braided bread… so cute!!! and the other one it’s with poppy seeds and corn flour… delicious!!!!

but now… to the serious things… it’s time for another Deep Ocean Challenge and this time it’s
well, this time I want to celebrate… me!!! sometimes you have to celebrate yourself and so I did…
this is a door hanger I made for my craft room…
the room in which I scrap, paint, sew and… iron (that’s why I put a clothespin!!!!)
CIMG0879    CIMG0880
so girls, pop over the Deep Ocean blog and join us… we’re waiting for your wonderful creations…!!!!

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