venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

my new two addictions: Pinterest and Bunting!!!!


hi everyone…

as most of you have already noticed, I joined the wonderful world of Pinterest… this photo sharing website it’s fabulous… you can find every sort of things, from recipes to home decoration tips, from outfit trends to craft tutorials! the fun thing of it is that it works by image searching and you can save –pin- your favorite results on different boards, share them to your friends, and follow other people so you can see what they pin. You can also add a “pin it” button on your website browser and pin every image you want from websites or blogs, even videos if you like.The other important thing is that when you pin and image you pin also its link to the web: in this way you always get the right credit to other people’s creativity.

I love it, it’s so great, it has lots of inspiring ideas and great tips…very useful… but I warn you… it’s quite addicting!!!! eheh!!!

now, in Pinterest I saw lots of buntings and was love at first time… this is what I made for my craft room (maybe I should have ironed my curtains, uh?! but I was too impatient to see the results…!!!)



and for my living room:



hope you like it


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